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Tibetan and Burmese challengers appear in the east! It seems almost certain that these civs are likely to mess with the Mughal and Vietnamese veterans of the Battle Royale.

The Mughals are supposed to be a culturally based civ with a UA that provides extra culture and production during Golden Ages. Well in the last BR they actually ended up being very aggressive and they almost took over the entire Indian Subcontinent by the end of it and reduced Gandhi's India to just IRL Bengal, Bangladesh, and Burma. The Mughals look to be aggressive again in this new BR but this time they have a lot more competition. First off they now have Sri Lanka to the South that they will have to compete with. Also Burma now lies to the East instead of Gandhi and Burma is a great defensive civilization. If the Mughals want to try the same shit from the last BR against Burma, then Sri Lanka can easily pick apart their empire from the South while Burma holds off the Mughal offensive. The Mughals will have to play smart if they want a shot at winning. If they don't, then if you listen closely, you'll be able to hear Akbar yelling, "It's a Trap!" when his armies die and his cities burn.

Ranking: 16/61

Tibet's location high in the rugged Himalayas may appear dismal, but no civ is better suited to the task. Landing just above the halfway marker, Tibet is helped by their unique ability which provides a food and faith boost from mountain tiles, a trait that is increased if their cities follow a religion started in the mountain kingdom. Their unique unit moves better in the mountains and comes in mid-game. This civ will prove the world's most implacable turtle, at the least, and if they expand north quickly, perhaps much more.

Ranking: 29/61