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To the south lies the Sri Lankans on their island home that hugs the outskirts of the Indian Ocean. With Sri Pada adjacent to their capital, let's see their potential potential:

By the skin of its teeth, TPang gave the last minute surprise announcement that Sri Lanka was the 61st civ (and final civ) to be added to the game. Being given access to the lands of South Asia, they have a very high quality start once they can embark settlers. Earlier wars won’t be a problem as their long swordsman replacement heals up to three times as fast. Also, look out for them being a major religious powerhouse with many faith bonuses due to their UA and UB shrine replacement. However, it is equally likely becoming a religious powerhouse would make them a target as well, and they are certainly susceptible to a naval attack. It is still unknown if M.I.A. will be leading them, but it’s likely “Paper Planes” will be stuck in your head whenever TPang screen caps them, regardless.

Ranking: 23/61