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In South East Asia lies our seafaring tropical nations of Indonesia, Philippines and the Champa! Both Rizal and the Champa are newcomers in the Battle Royale - but what are their odds of survival?

Champa is probably the least famous civ in the Battle Royale, which may be a factor in their low ranking. And certainly this civ hasn't been done any favors by its placement: stuck in the jungles of SE Asia, boxed in on all fronts by Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, and Burma (clockwise). What makes them an intriguing underdog is their UA, which makes waging war much more profitable, and has no era limit. If this civ can get out of the hole dug by its geography, this could be a surprisingly fun civ breathing life into what was dominated by Vietnam in Mk I.

Ranking: 58/61

Rizal's Philippines are going to have a difficult ride. An island civ, in a neighborhood that Indonesia will be able to quickly exploit, with no military bonuses. However he will have growth advantages, a necessity in the tiny islands of the East Indies, and his unique replacement for the rifleman has a powerful bonus after choosing an ideology. If he can survive until the modern era, the Philippines will become a force to be reckoned with. It's worth noting that they will start with the ability to embark, boosting the early game for the Filipino adventurers.

Ranking: 30/61