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To the east we have the ultimate friendly rivalry; The Maori and Australia. With added sea bridges in Australia, will this initial comradarie end in bloodshed?

Colonize Australia, colonize Australia, kiwi-nize Australia. This is all that Maori's leader, Te Rauparaha, should be focused on. Should the Maori let Australia become the monstrosity it was during the last Battle Royale though, we should see the Maori end up only as the turtling neighbor of the bigger, badder Australia. The Maori also have the option of setting sail to the East and attempting to get a foot in the door in the Americas. Seeing as all of their unique are combat-oriented, either option is completely within reason.

Ranking: 24/61

One of the winners of the last Battle, thanks in most part to a good location. As a civilization, Australia is almost entirely based around tourism, something of little importance this round. In previous AI games, Parkes has shown a penchant for turtling, with various levels of success. In the Battle Royale, he showed the true power of the turtle, by building up an immense military before striking against Indonesia. In the Colonialist Legacies game, he tried to turtle but never reached critical mass and was swiftly destroyed. But with Kimberley a stone's throw away, he can't afford to throw any shrimp on the barbie just yet. And he surely cannot hope for the easy success demonstrated last time. We shall all be waiting with bated breath for the return of the Tpangenning.

Ranking: 1/61