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DescriptionParadise Found: In the middle of the Pacific Ocean lies the Hawaiian Civilization!

Aloha, and welcome to Hawaii. A newcomer to Battle Royale, Hawaii's start will be unlike any other civ in the BR. Beginning with virtually no neighbors, on a patchwork of islands out in the middle of the Pacific, Kamehameha is going to need to do 1 of 2 things if he wants even a chance at winning this BR. He either needs to 1.) Get a Settler out to a continent landmass early or 2.) Build one of, if not the greatest, naval forces in the game. Should Kamehameha do neither of these things, we feel that his prospects of winning decrease to nearly zero. Hawaii does fortunately bring 2 combat-oriented unique to the game. Kahuna Mastery, Kame's UA, allows Hawaii to receive Great People points from combat. And the Koa, Kame's very capable UU, is a Long swordsmen replacement that costs more production, but does not require Iron AND starts with more exp, as well as "Amphibious".

Ranking: 45/61