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Ranking: 45/61

Over in the frosted, tundra-bound north lies the fan favourite Inuit alongside their new neighbours - the Blackfoot! Let's see what our panel has to say about our Canadian Natives.

The fate of the Blackfoot will rise and fall with the bison. This resource will be a powerful boon to Crowfoot's people that will give greater production to cities that work it and XP to any Blackfoot units standing on it. Enemy units standing on bison will take attrition damage. Clearly very, very powerful, in the right situation. The Inuit will be praying that Crowfoot chooses to go south, which would leave them virtually all of Canada. If the Blackfoot head north, a mortal struggle with Eheuknik awaits them. If they head south, the Sioux warriors await. A bad position for expansion to be sure, but the dense forests of Canada offer lots of production.

Ranking: 36/61

Inuit-still-ready-to-win-you-it. The beloved boreal bros of the deep north are back again and ranking second in these inaugural rankings. The Inuit look to be able to repeat their strong performance from last time, still protected from invasion by some of the most daunting landscapes on the map and still receiving hefty bonuses for living in those very same frozen shit-holes. Part of the White Walker's favorable ranking comes from the relative lack of new competition for them. The Blackfoot have been added to the south, yes, but the high Yukon Mountains protect the Inuit prospects for expansion and defense and the civ still looks likely to grab some of eastern Siberia before the new Yakuts gobble it all up. Nothing is guaranteed in the bigger, better Battle Royale Mk II, but believe me, brother, cold winds are rising.

Ranking: 2/61