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North America has plenty of open plains ripe for the taking, but who will establish their regional dominance first? With newcomers Blackfoot and Texas being thrown into the mix, what are the chances of the Manifest Destiny (or subsequently Canifest Destiny) happening this time around?

Canada, throughout Civ AI battles, has been in something of a conundrum. It appears to show both equal parts overwhelming success against its enemies, (Fan Favorites AI match, mini BR, CL AI battle, Battle Royale Mk1), holding out or winning wars where the enemy have advantages both large and small, yet in the same breath seems utterly incompetent (CL AI battle, Battle Royale Mk1). Their UA will give them massive diplomatic leverage, which will prove to be quite helpful, and their UGP will only add to this. As for their UU, it will make an excellent unit in the cramped quarters of the BR Mk2, in which Canada can easily fire at enemies (with their UU) from their own forts (in which they gain double strength).

Ranking: 6/61

There are two halves of this civ, kind of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Their UA gives them a wartime boost, as well as instant construction of gold buildings during war. However, the AI’s personality under Lincoln is to not declare war, make as many friends as possible, not go for religion, and be on the defense. Basically: the exact opposite of Washington last time around. This is not the kind of personality you’d expect from a Battle Royale winner, and directly clashes with their UA. The unique units are industrial era, so the timing of their wars is crucial. Can Lincoln overcome the deep divides in America's very fabric to become a superpower? Worked IRL.

Ranking: 19/61