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Finally, we get to have a look at our South American gladiators. With a more open expanse, how much chance does Eva Peron of Argentina have?

Eva unfortunately is not having some good air coming her way. She’s got strong Chile looking for Andes-less lands to settle and big-bodied Brazil up north claiming those sweet, sweet rainforests. Argentina is mostly focused on food and culture, which is not very useful for conquering other civs. Any way they expand is a sure-fire way to get invaded. If Eva expands up north, Brazil will invade for more brazilwood plantations. If she expands south, Chile will invade using its naval units. If Eva tries to settle the Falklands, England will just come kick her butt and claim it’s theirs. It'll be hard, but if Eva is able to shut down Chile early or build tall and defensive, she may be able to come out on top in South America.

Ranking: 39/61