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Let the games begin! Three turns in, and no Civilization has yet founded their second city. Both Ireland and England send their brave colonialists across their channels in the search for greener pastures and strategic city-placements.

You might be asking, "Why is England so low? They weren't that terrible in the first BR they only lost like one city and still kept a pretty good navy, right?" Yeah, well that might not be the case anymore. England's power was very reliant on the fact that they could basically take over the entire British Isles and then turtle because there was no competition. Well, now there is competition. They won't be able to just take Ireland because there is a civ there now. And they won't be able to just take the Northern Islands and Iceland because there is a civ in Iceland now as well. So likely, Iceland and Ireland will force England to actually get involved in the European clusterfuck. And chances are that somebody will eventually get pissed off at Elizabeth and send a large navy her way to kill them. Combine that with a possible Ireland-Iceland coalition force and England, despite living on an island, look to have a tall order ahead of them.

Ranking: 52/61