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To the south, the Boers aim to castrate even the notion of Zulu expansion by pulling off a classic forward settle. Will this manage to box in the Zulu and foster a reboot of the previous Battle Royale events? Only time will tell.

The Boers civilization has had great success in AI matches. While their UA may encourage more peaceful forms of victory ( +1 movement for workers, settlers and GP) Kruger's personality and expansive tendencies may just help him dominate all of South Africa. That is course if you don't factor in the clear danger the neighboring Zulu's present who, as we all know, are a dangerous neighbor. One cannot forget the original BR in which Mr. Kruger was readying the world for Draka Domination after humiliating the Zulus in a spat of wars, however that does not guarantee them the same result again. So in short The Boers are heavily favored in Africa to take the world's largest continent not named Asia because of their few nearby enemies and complete demolition of the Zulus in BR Mk I that led to Kruger controlling the largest land area of any civ.

Ranking: 4/61

The Zulu are perhaps the civ most designed for a domination match with high powered impi's, cheap unit maintenance and powerful promotions. And if they can defeat the agrarian Boers they are in a position to dominate southern Africa. With such a base to stand on, the world would surely fall. Of course, the same was true last time, and nothing has changed since then. And last time, Shaka was hounded from this mortal plane by the wrath of the Boers. If Shaka wants to do well, he has to crush Kruger quickly, before the latter's food and production bonuses can truly come into effect.

Ranking: 15/61