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In West Africa, the Ashanti send their second worker off as a psuedo-scout for what seems to be no apparent reason. Perhaps Osei Tutu has faith that no inherently spooky barbarians are going to burst from the jungle. For the Ashanti's sake, we can only hope that this odd AI behaviour doesn't foreshadow stranger decisions in the future (and just becomes fodder for the Kongo and Mali).

The Ashanti are placed interestingly here and a closer look here suggests the civ may have some upside as the game progresses. Their UA is very interesting to say the least giving special points for experience their UU gets which they can use for more military. Their UU spearman also make TWO at once but they are weaker than spearman. Their other UU replaces the rifleman and is also pretty good, the problem lies in their location. Between Mali and Kongo, the Ashanti need to defend themselves early if they want to make it out of the ancient era. If you are looking for an underdog this is the civ to cheer for.

Ranking: 50/61