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To the north, and Israeli plot to forward settle the Armenians is foiled by the Armenians themselves! David has no choice but to settle on spot or find a more fertile location.

Oh Armenia, sometimes I wonder why they’re even in the Battle Royale. They have no UU, and the rest of their uniques just let them piggy-back off of another civ’s religion. Last BR, they were able to get away with not being conquered, but only because the Soviets were too drunk on vodka and the Huns were incompetent. And now instead of a weakened Hittites, they have to go against Byzantium, which will have no problem taking them over with the assistance of Russia, the Huns, Israel, Persia, and the Timurids, who are boxing them in. No expansion + No UU + Strong Neighbors = Screwed.

Ranking: 57/61