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Over in the Isles, both the Irish and the English colonists have arrived on a foreign landmass. Ultimately, despite their differences and inherent hate of each other, they do have have one thing in common - passive-aggressive forward settling. How well will Napoleon react? Let's see what our panel has to say -

France is in a precarious position. What between spending all day eating wine and drinking fancy cheeses, they also have to NOT surrender instantly anytime war is declared! A crowded European front can make things tricky if it does not get out good expansions. In the past it has benefited from everyone attacking Germany and was able to comfortably exploit the dying Hitler, as well as pushing into North Africa. They are a solid Civ and with a little luck and good decisions will make it into the mid game with a strong position and influence in the overall Battle Royale.

Ranking: 18/61