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Holding back on a potentially castrating forward settle, the Champa choose to go walkabout with their second Settler. Meanwhile, the Trung Sisters expand northward, possibly using Saigon as a launchpad to settle more cities in Chinese territory. How well with Vietnam go this time around?

Oh Vietnam you have so much potential. With two close neighbors early expansion might be hard, however with a pretty great food bonus for honor policies (5% Food and Culture boost for every Honor policy adopted) you are sure to be a great Indochinese power if you place your cities right and don't piss off china. Back to their UA though it is sort of perfect for a domination game such as this building up cities while conquering others and hopefully the AI will know this and attack the much weaker civs early. The Vietcong are very balanced but skewed, they are either really OP (like when they are in jungle) or they suck (can't capture cities and have trouble in open land) and when you replace infantry you better make sure that it is a good replacement. The UB complements the first part of 'Nam's UA well by further encouraging defense in cities so if they get too big then they can still have their cities protected. Though it would take a lot for Vietnam too really break out as a contender it really wouldn't come as too much of a shock if they could challenge China for eastern Asia.

Ranking: 25/61