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Like China, Timur also leads his people west - founding the city of Herat not too far from the Caspian. Historically, the Timurids were mighty and fierce - what are their chances this time around?

The Timurids find themselves in the middle of Central Asia and fill a void that otherwise would be divided up between The Huns, Persia, and The mighty Turtle Afghanistan thus it may be a Germany in Europe situation all over again. This is not to say that Timur is doomed, his UA calls for VERY early expansion buffing his palace after the capture of his first city and building any buildings not built in the capital but built in the captured city in the capital (just look up the workshop page). Anyways he also suffers from a mediocre UB and an okay UU which won't help him when things start to heat up in the end of medieval- beginning of renaissance era when they appear. Timur deserves this spot in the rankings until he proves he can hang with the big boys in BR.

Ranking: 44/61