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Casimir, in his quest for a Coastal City inadvertantly stumps Hitler in his attempt to forward settle Poland. Elsewhere, Finland strives to poke the great Russian bear - how well will this play out?

Poor, poor Finland. It’s not easy when you’re cornered up in the frozen north by the Red Soviet Bear, Stronk Poland, Nazi Doucheland, and the rest of the Screwdinavian civs. Almost all of Finland’s uniques are focused on culture and defense. However, it’s unlikely that they will survive long enough to reach the technology for their only useful unique, the Sissi. Finland would have to take over Sweden and Norway to gain any foothold before Stalin, or anybody else for that matter, inevitably conquers them.

Ranking: 59/61

The sleeping bear is back and should be just as strong as ever. After conferring with our hidden agents deep in Moscow, it has been confirmed that most of the vodka has been stashed away, and should help keep everything from becoming a repeat of the blackout bender that was Mark I. Bonuses to fighting within itself leads to aggressive expansion, and in a continent with little room to grow, the aggressors will have the advantage. Stalin will have to survive a long time to make use of its UU but overall the USSR is looking to be a contender throughout the series. Our rankings reflect that optimism

Ranking: 5/61