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The Ashanti Workers continue their wonderous pilgramage across West Africa. To the north, Mali settles the salty, and subsequently fertile city of Ka-Ba. With a penchant for gold, and a lust for conquest - how well will Mansa Musa fare in this game?

Mali's last ranking in the previous royale headlined that they were 'surrounded by people who wanted to kill them'. Well the good news for Mali is that little adjustment is needed, they are still surrounded by people who want to kill them, only now there are more of them. The addition of the Ashanti in lower West Africa and Morocco due north squeezes the perennial world football (seriously, Chile took some of their cities last time) even more than in the previous play through. There is hope for Mali, though. Neither the Ashanti nor Morocco (who ranks lower than them) are military based civs, perhaps giving them a window to expand by conquest.

Ranking: 54/61