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Perhaps they'll be friends, or foe - but like England and Ireland, Mexico and Texas seem to have parallels when it comes to planning certain locations for their cities. In this game however, will we see a repeat of the storming of the Alamo, or will Texas hold the Mexicans off completely?

Texas is geographically forced into a hoedown between the Sioux, USA, and Mexican civilizations, already creating a huge disadvantage (despite their close proximity to Napa Valley). Their UA and UI give them an interesting culture boost to forts and horses, as well as their UU ranger giving a culture and golden age boost. But their main boost is defense to the capital city, which wouldn’t correspond too much strategy outside of turtling. Don’t mess with Texas? Meh, you can probably get away with it.

Ranking: 47/61

Adiós, Mexico City is for squares! After a middling performance in the last BR and a hilariously bungled invasion of the US, Mexico has taken on an edgier approach, basing itself out of the cartel capital, Juarez! In all seriousness the more western approach of Mexico will make for an interesting play, as they'll likely settle California and up the west coast. Last time this went poorly for them, as the Inuit blasted their California colonies with a cold southerly. Mexico may well contend with this new set up-though, picking on what this list sees as a weak Texas and then expanding south into its old stomping grounds.

Ranking: 28/61