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Let's first take a look at the Civilizations of the North Sea. Throughout this initial inception of the Battle Royale I'll be posting the Power Rankings of certain civs alongside annotations. Firstly, let's have a look at the potential of the Irish!

Some consider Malacy II to be an underdog, but its UU is perfectly designed for a Battle Royale such as this. Cheaper, faster and more resistant to ranged fire than regular long swordsman, look for these special units to spam the field and overwhelm any opposition. Also taking into account that they will receive a starting bonus to keep them competitive in the very early game, I for one, can see Ireland making a surprise late run in this brutal and unforgiving world. Sadly, being relegated to a small island in an already crowded location, the hive mind agrees that Ireland will most likely be a small bit player throughout the series, if they even survive.

Ranking: 49/61