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To the north, the Blackfoot seems to have accepted their role as the sandwich filling between the Sioux and the Inuit, who have both expanded towards a fairly disgruntled Crowfoot. In contrast, Sitting Bull must be high fiving his officials due to the close proximity of his new city to the Blackfoot capital.

Sitting Bull and his tribe of Sioux did well for themselves in the previous Battle Royale, and a big reason behind this was due to lack of nearby competition. While the Canadians and Americans were busy deciding whether Maple Syrup or Miller Genuine Draft Beer was going to flow through the Eastern part of North America, the Sioux were uprising, building a formidable nation. Everything has changed this time around though, with the introduction of the Cree to the North. This new opponent means the Sioux are now boxed in on all sides, and there will be no time to sit around and turtle. Expect them to settle Plains areas, in order to maximize their UA and UI.

Ranking: 22/61