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In the forested wastes of the tundra emerges the mighty Yakutian peoples. Although some may find these land harsh, the Yakuts feel right at home here.

The Yakutia have a UA that is geared quite well toward war, with their recent performance in the (YA) Russia Battle Royale showing that they can indeed use it - and use it efficiently. Not only will special great generals coupled with increased great general production will be helpful, but their General replacement, the Toyon, can create estates, which yield high amounts of gold on camp resources - necessary for supporting a massive army. This links well with the other part of their UA, the one that gives them gold from said resources. What's more, Estates claim TWO tiles of land around them, and can be built outside of friendly lands. On a crowded, 61 civ map, land will be essential. To ensure that the Yakutia can embark upon their plunder-rich conquests, they will also receive a free Toyon (GG) at chivalry. Finally, to top off the cake, they receive (as their UU) lancers that start off with blitz, adding more functionality to an otherwise problematic unit.

Ranking: 7/61