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Hitler follows by Polish example and settles the city of Hamburg on the coast. To the north lies our two Scandinavian gladiators - Norway and Sweden. Will Sweden become just another civ to be squashed, or will he take advantage of JFD's new Unique Ability to conquer his neighbours? Personally, I can't wait to find out.

Norway, our highest ranking Scandinavian civ, comes in at #46. Unlike Sweden and Finland, who will face competition on all sides, Norway has the benefit of having only one battlefront to focus on, Sweden to the East. With Sweden sure to be rocked by the civs around it, Norway looks poised to take Sweden early on. Should however Norway fail to secure this eastern portion of Scandinavia, we're afraid we will see a Norway similar to the one in the previous BR. One that turtles early on and eventually falls to mightier, more expansive empires.

Ranking: 46/61

Second to last, Sweden has been given no love from our rankers. Starting squished between Norway, Finland, Germany, and Poland though, this ranking is not without merit. Sweden is really going to have to have an expansionist mindset and more than a bit of luck if it wants a shot at winning this thing. It does not help that arguably their strongest unique, Nobel Prize, is completely based on City States and Friendships... Godspeed Gustavus Adolphus, Godspeed.

Ranking: 60/61