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Caesar expands southward, fostering the potential meeting of Hannibal at Antium's city gates. With new contenders in the region, how will our Punic War/Battle Royale veterans fare this time around.

Hannibal is going to have to work hard to stay in the game. Before, in MKI, they had more room to expand. But now they have three more civs that are boxing them in: Morocco, Sparta, and Ashanti. They’re still a military based civ, but since they’re being surrounded by so many civs, it’ll be even harder for Carthage to conquer its neighbors without being attacked from behind. They still have potential to be a powerhouse in North Africa, but to get there would be like crossing the Alps: it’s gonna be fucking hard.

Ranking: 42/61

Caesar’s got some problems on his hands. Rome starts off situated in the middle of the Italian peninsula, surrounded on all sides by water and mountains to the north. Although these mountains give Rome a defensive advantage against Germany and Poland, it leaves the land-focused civ little land to settle. Caesar will have to quickly settle south of France and in Iberia in order to have any land advantage over his neighbors. With Germany to the north, France to the west, Sparta to the east, and Carthage to the south, Rome is completely surrounded by warmongering civs. Fortunately Rome has strong Legions and Ballistas to help them expand and conquer in the Classical era. Caesar should easily be able to dominate his more late-game-focused neighbors like France and Germany early on. However, if he fails to exploit his early game advantages, Caesar might become irrelevant later on.

Ranking: 31/61