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A quick glance at our Western Mediterranean contenders! Let's focus first on the Portuguese and the Moroccans and their chances in this game.

Coming in at the 53rd spot we have Portugal, a civ that we feel could make some interesting moves in the beginning but will probably not be a serious contender in the long run. With a decent amount of open space to the North, and Morocco, our last place civ, to the South, Portugal does have room to expand. However, Portugal is destined to run into the European brick wall that is sure to be France, Germany, Poland, and Rome. Add to this the fact that Portugal's uniques are either City State or trade-based and we have a Civ that does not look to make for a serious contender.

Ranking: 53/61

Morocco is stuck between a rock of Gibraltar and a hot place. With the vast endless ocean on one side, and strong civs like Carthage, Portugal and all of Europe crowding them out on the other side, expect to see them hammered early and often. North Africa seems to be the go to place for European civs that run out of room as well, so invasions and many wars are a constant reality for this culture focused civ. With little to keep it alive, only dumb luck will see this civ last beyond the early game

Ranking: 61/61