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To the west, we have five more Civilizations that may clash over this side of the Mediterranean. Let's shine a spotlight on the chances of Sparta and Israel!

Sure to be a fan favorite, this.. is.. SPARTA! Alright, now that we have that out of our system let's look seriously at Sparta. First, it should be noted that Sparta's unique are currently under construction so these will not be looked at in this synopsis. However, it's widely agreed upon that Sparta is sure to be an early game combat-oriented civ. With this assumption in mind, we see Sparta as having a decent amount of potential in this Battle Royale. This potential will only come to fruition though if Leonidas pushes out and conquers a number of civs in the early game, where he will be strongest. The big mystery is, will he be mad enough to do so? Or will he let the Persians and other civs stomp around his lands? Nobody, including even our expert rankers, has any idea.

Ranking: 40/61

The spy master fan favorites from the previous game return, ready to peer through windows and hide inside of bushes with as much vigor as ever before. Their rank may appear low, but they lead the region with plenty of room to expand north and east. Historically sleepy neighbors like the Ayyyyyyubids and Arabs certainly help their odds as they will seek to, as before, quickly establish supremacy over the Levant and more. Their UAs, and even their UUs, will help propel the chosen peoples to be a religious super power at the very least, influencing their neighbors whose residents will soon yearn for the comforts of the kibbutz and gefilte fish.

Ranking: 27/61