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To the north lies one of the fan favorite of the last game - Poland. Let's see what our panel thinks of Casimir's chances and his notoriously racist neighbour - Hitler.

As much as we would like to put simply POLAND STRONK here we feel it's better to explain why we put this fan favorite up top in the ever-crowded European area. Number 1. Have you played as Poland? Granted this is the AI and things do no always go according to plan (see: Tpang twitch: AI test) but it is undeniable that somebody at Firaxis really likes Poland, a free social policy for every era without the cost increasing? Yes please. Number 2. Their UB is pretty gnarly if ANY pasturable (that’s a word) animal source is nearby, no MC, and extra gold to top it all off an improvement on an already pretty good building. And finally number 3. Keeping it short and simple are the OP as Winged Hussars of destruction the only downside is that Poland has to hold out for that long surrounded by the USSR and Sparta and Germany etc. In conclusion POLAND STRONK!

Ranking: 12/61

ACHTUNG! These liberal swine so-called “experts” deem the Third Reich in the LOWER HALF!?! Outrageous! Ja, we got our asses handed to us in BRv1, but in the test run we got our revenge against “stronk” Poland, Sudetenland and all! With major bonuses in wartime post-plastics (a free infantry unit for every city captured) and a decidedly stronger Great General and Panzer unit, all we have to do is keep their capital until the industrial age and we will have a better chance than most, even despite the high civ-density of Europe. You may be jumping on the Poland bandwagon early, but you know what they say... "don't be stupid, be a smartie! Come and join the Nazi Party!"

Ranking: 37/61