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The Religious Overview Map is not only handy for figuring out the spread of religion, but it's also super handy for seeing the growth and spread of cities around the globe!

And thus we come to an end - feel free to visit /r/civbattleroyale for the awesome community it provides! Good luck, godspeed and see you in the next edition of the Battle Royale Mk.II!

TPangolin out! The /r/civ Battle Royale is an event hosted by surprisingly... /r/civ. The concept is simple! On a massive world map 42 (or most recently 61) AI Civilizations duke it out for absolute world domination. All Civilizations were chosen by the denizens of /r/civ and include both Modded Historical and Vanilla civilizations alike. Form your team! Support your Civ! Become immersed in the battle of the century!

It should also be noted that whenever a Civilization gets knocked out of the game, we will donate all funds collected up until that point to a charity related to that Civ!

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