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To the north, the Huns and the Siberians lie in wait - eager for the inevitable upcoming battle. Can either of these civs hold it out for world domination?

The Hunnic Empire, and the "Scourge of God" Atilla, are certain to liven things up in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Completely geared for a Domination victory, the Huns are a fierce opponent for any civ to take on. Expect their 1-2 UU punch of Horse Archers and Battering Rams to have devastating effects on their neighbors. The potential for this civilization to win is very real, now they just have to make the right moves.

Ranking: 17/61

The new coming Sibir Khanate, a near cousin to Mongolia, have not earned much love from our rankers, landing just south of the halfway mark and last in the ever-expansive steppe region of Asia. Squeezed in between a host of hyper-aggressive civs, their situation is indeed daunting. However the civ does have the capacity to storm its foes very quickly and perhaps establish itself in the region. Their UU allows them to move all units after attacking, and their UA, a ranged Calvary unit, can strike quickly to thin out the ranks of attackers or defenders. If this civ builds a large army than, coupled with its unique speed, they could prove deadly

Ranking: 34/61