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When we left Portugal in the last installment, Maria had been put in the global spotlight as several countries decided they just plain didn’t like her. Here we see, wait. A NAVY OF ELEPHANTS storming Arretium?! I guess Hannibal saw how well it worked for Leonidas and Darius, and he wants in on the action. I wonder what the buoyancy of a Punic African Forest Elephant is.

Just the fact that this is happening made me so giddy I almost completely missed Antium falling into the red. What a gain for Leonidas. Looks like Sparta is going for the jugular. Napoleon has made it through the Alpine pass and is knocking on Ravenna’s door, but his invading force is less than imposing.

Of note: Mongolia has no use for China anymore, and Ingolfur says that he’s taught Lincoln the lesson he deserved for that brazen settling of St. Louis. (Honestly, Abe. What were you thinking?)