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After making peace with Selassie, Paul Kruger can now focus his full attention on M’banza-Kongo. A swordsman takes the brunt of the damage, laying his life on the line to protect the capital. A Zulu scout trembles in horror and sends word to Shaka that Kruger is not to be tangled with. (Can I say fucked with? Because he really isn’t to be fucked with either.) That isn’t stopping Nzinga, though. She wants KaKongo back, and she actually brought some melee units to do it.

At the very top of the slide we see a slap fight outside of Klerksdorp. (Really, /u/KingEggbert? You give Australia shit for their city names and let this atrocity slide? For shame.)

By the way, are you sitting down? If you aren’t, you really should be. I hate to break this to you, but…