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Here’s Chile in all it’s glory! That’s right, folks. The hype train has pulled into the station. O’Higgins has made a decent nation for himself and secured open borders with Argentina. I think it was a good deal for Chile. They get to put land units in Argentina and scout out a path for the infamous Backdoor Squad, and Perón gets to put a single trireme in Chilean waters. What could go wrong?

Copiapo has grown nicely in the time since we never got to see it ever before. (Thank you, TPang, for re-rolling so we could get more of this pleasantly colorful South American eye candy.) The city will be an important staging point in the future. However, Chile has been struggling with overall growth, and seems to have fallen behind in tech. With Buenos Aires at 21 pop, Argentina is a better friend than foe. Looks like Bernardo is making smart decisions so far. How long will it last?