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Some Hawaiians are negotiating passage through the Nassau Canal and sharing tales of Pacific superpowers over a jug of grog. They admire the Bucs islands and offer a choice recipe for loco moco. \"Rice, spam, crack egg and mixemup. It's 'ono, bruddah. Broke da mouth!\" This confuses the pirates, who are already self-conscious about dental hygiene, but they do like the sound of it.

Eva’s keeping Paraná undefended almost as if to tempt Morgan into war. I’m sure he’d love to add that to his collection of cities, but since it holds no threat he’s wiser to leave it be for now and see what the future holds. In this slide we see Pacal’s lone swordsman among a woefully outdated military. On the plus side, he finally figured out that wood floats and is testing some naval vessels on the open seas.

Also, there’s peace in the Middle East, and David is now best BFFs 4 life with Genghis Khan. They spend hours every night sending notes to each other via carrier pigeon. They promise they’ll never do anything to hurt each other, because that’s totally not what BFFs do. Like, ugh.

Of note: A Brazilian trireme just generally being an all-around asshole and hogging all the atoll to himself. I hope you get shipwrecked. That tile doesn’t even belong to anybody, you dick. Ahem. Moving on...