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WOW! Waipahu, how you have grown. Even when they’re not doing it island style, the Hawaiians are still doing it plenty. I’m sure Benito is salivating over that potential addition to his empire, but first he has to learn how to actually *take* cities. In the meantime, Los Angeles and Merida need some room to breathe. Sadly, Mexico has the lowest average city population in all of the Western Hemisphere. If only Benito had been able to get Petra before those pesky Sioux stole his dreams away.

Oh, look. America *finally* has some composite archers. It’s about time. It also appears as though the Sioux and the Blackfoot might have open borders, too. It’s hard to tell through the fog, though.

Note from TPang: \"Regarding Waipahu's growth, this quote from /u/Antimattergizmo comes to mind - 'And as usual, Kame is the King of \"Luau and Chill?\". A new method of courting while watching dances \"through the seasons\" with your partner, usually ending in Ohana'.\"