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Back to the Great Clusterfuck, where A.I. stands for Amphibious Invasion. Hannibal has seized Arretium, leaving only two Punic Elephants and a pair of spearmen to defend against the ENTIRE Portuguese army. It’s a ballsy move, but it could be disastrous if it fails. He has next to nothing when it comes to reinforcements. He has put out a good protective force to allow that settler to claim Sardinia, if he can gain control of the tile.

Leonidas is once again proving proving the ruthless might of Sparta by laying waste to the Roman navy. Cumae still stands tall with nary a scratch while Sparta storms the seas. With Antium circling the drain, Rome will soon join Germany in the three-city club. And after all that warring, who knew these two would have so much in common?

Of note: France has upgraded to pikemen, possibly preparing to join in against Portugal.