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Oh no he di'int! David throws the gauntlet at the Trung Sisters, though it falls too short for them to even hear it. I’m guessing Genghis Khan put him up to it as a test of their friendship. A band of Hawaiians are getting homesick, tired of being blocked in by so many triremes. Meiji still has a pathetic military, and continues to focus on talking about Shinto to anyone who makes eye contact. The citizens of Hai Phong never answered the doorbell.

Of note: Rizal has beefed up his navy quite well, sporting several galleasses off the coast of Cebu. No wonder the Trungs called it quits. Also, we can almost see Tokyo for the second time so far. In addition, Korea has run out of room in the Yellow Sea, and his triremes are spilling out into neutral territory outside Cebu.