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OH SHIT! It’s on now! Check out that sidebar. Chilean Backdoor Squad is go! O’Higgins teams up with Pedro to lay a second smackdown on Pachacuti. This is the battle that should have happened the first time, since Eva Perón just sat around reading that dumb book. With that navy we saw earlier, it should be a bloodbath on the Andean coast. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, on to other important matters.

The waves tremble throughout Micronesia. A deep booming sound swells as the beast has awakened. It can only be the call of Didgeridoom! That’s right. The Kimberley have finally woken up and directed their wrath at… Vietnam? How are they even going to get there? They obviously aren’t allowed through Indonesia. Aw, man. That’s such a weak way to kick off the hype train.

What else is happening? Oh, yeah. The shores of Pangasinan are red with the blood of the fallen as Rizal and Parkes send wave upon wave of men to die at each other’s hands. Rizal has enough galleasses in the water to win it back if they lose the city, and the experience will do them well if the area is this hotly contested.

Of note: Maybe I didn’t notice it before, but Indonesia has their Kris swordsmen now. Of course, they would have to use them to reap the benefits.