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Ohhh, yeah! Finland is bringing the pain. I guess Mao stirred the pot, as Kekkonen sends a… well, squad of melee units into Mosul’s backdoor. Finnish Backdoor Squad? It just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Let’s try that again. Kekkonen sends a stream of units down the throat of the mountain pass and straight into the gut of Mosul. The taste doesn’t sit well with Attila, who clearly never saw it coming. Maybe that giant mountain blocked his view.

Looks like Harun al-Rashid has had enough of Attila’s shit, too, as Arabia joins in on the fun. In other news, Mirwais Hotak thumbs his nose at the Trung Sisters. So that’s… Rizal, Jandamarra, Mada, Hotak — four notable enemies the Trungs have now. They’re going to have to play a hard offense like Sparta if they want to keep at their current level.

Of note: That Finnish settler who’s been wandering in circles actually has a couple of spots he could claim if he could just make up his damned mind. I hope Attila puts that guy out of his misery. Also, Kuchum Khan has offered an Israeli scout a gallery seat to watch the action unfold.