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Psych! It’s Sioux Gangbang 2: Epileptic Boogergoo. Seriously though, guys. The horse is dead and beaten. There are other sequels to riff on, like ‘Speed 2: This time the vessel is a ship’ or ‘Under Siege 2: This time the vessel is not a ship’ or ‘TMNT 2: This time it’s a vessel for product placement.’ Anyway, let’s get to the action.

Lincoln asks big brother Lester to beat Sitting Bull up for stealing his lunch money. Once again, citadel placement proves invaluable as Canadian bowmen get rekt by a pikeman. Despite their poor performance the last time around, the Sioux are actually very strong… as evidenced by their consistent appearance in the leaderboards. You have to be strong to survive a four-way attack against these guys. This isn’t West Africa. These guys have 20-pop cities and top-ten militaries, and the Sioux lost two outposts and one ambushed metropolis. Really not a bad showing considering the odds. Pearson is a generally tolerant leader. I wonder what Sitting Bull did to earn his ire.