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Damn, Gina! (/u/BurgerKrieg, if you don’t try your best to say that like Martin Lawrence, I’m going to be very disappointed.) Holy DoW. Let’s see what we have here. Burma and Afghanistan DoW Sri Lanka. That’s going to be entertaining. We’ll get to see those Wolverine-healing longswordsmen in action. Jandamarra and Meiji DoW Rizal. That’s a surprise. I thought Rizal and Jandamarra were friends. Kuchum Khan boards the Attila hate train, which I believe makes his current war the biggest one so far. Someone please make a gif where Oprah's throwing out DoWs. This needs to happen.

On the plus side, Sitting Bull made peace with Lincoln. I had forgotten about the Sioux-American war, and thought this was the mystery DoW from the last part. To be honest, it’s still a mystery, but upon closer inspection I believe it may have come from England. Does anyone remember Elizabeth forming an alliance? Because she is surely not fighting any immediate neighbours.