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Brazil has absorbed the mighty Boers and are now racing towards victory. This has been a truly terrifying takedown, made all the more impressive when you realize we’ve only seen half the battle. Far above the ransacked Boer cities, space stations and orbital refineries dot the sky. From a gameplay perspective, they’re just ordinary Future Worlds buildings - 50/50 chance to be destroyed or captured with the city like any common granary or barracks.

But just picture it. Boer space marines fighting to the last as one station after the next is blasted from the sky, destroyed by Skynet to prevent capture, or stormed by the Bossa Nova Corps. Stations losing signal as their home city is nuked, and being left to drift through space forgotten. Desperate Boer technicians trying to make sense of the broken signals from the ground, unable to comprehend the collapse of their empire. What a time to be following the CBR!