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Oh boy, things are really going south for the Mayans as the Buccaneers implement a brutal two pronged attack. They’ve already lost Tulum, and Chichen Itza looks extremely likely to follow. Also, the Texans appear to have launched a naval attack of their own, but nowhere near to the same scale. One has to wonder if Henry Morgan struck a deal with them to act as a diversion.

Things couldn’t be looking better for Morgan at the moment. With the capture of Tulum, which they’ve decided to keep, he has a perfect proxy city for a potential crusade against the Incas, who are sitting ducks in a hypothetical attack from the west. They’ve gained a reputation for turtling thanks to their thus far extremely effective defense against the rest of the South American continent, yet they’re going to need to be able to adapt as soon as possible to this new, doubloon-loving threat.

Of note: Argentina finally fortified Parana! About bloody time you nutters.