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In the faraway lands of Eastern Europe, we see that a lot of things are happening.

Firstly, Byzantium aren’t looking so hot. With no real military tech past the swordsman – of which they have one, they’re sitting ducks should the Spartans, Soviets or Polish ever think to casually pop over for there for a bit of cheeky tea and conquest.

Speaking of the Soviets, Stalin appears to have really embraced the ideologies of Communism and Marxism and has marked the occasion by producing an absolute shedload of workers, who literally run all along the Polish and Finnish borders. But hey, they’re all equal, it’s just that a couple are a tad more equal than others.

Interestingly, when questioned about how it was that Kiev came to be a Soviet city, the Russians denied all involvement.

Meanwhile, you may have noticed a little bit of a scrap happening “oop norf” west, which will quickly become relevant…