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And absolutely finally, we have the ever prettier looking religion map. The major creeds appear for the most part to have settled comfortably with one majority per continent. Judaism is set to expand further into Western Europe (including the Nazis. Lololololol), while Oriental Orthodoxy dominates Africa in its entirety. Tibet’s brainchild, Akkat-u, finds itself in a powerful position to the east, although it shouldn’t ignore the rises of Shinto and Buddhism respectively, if they wish to remain on top.

Poor Islam, with a holy city sandwiched between two others, it really seems condemned to snuff out in this particular world.

Well, that’s it guys! I really hope that everybody had as much fun reading this as I did writing it. Thanks once again to the main man u/Tpangolin for letting me annotate this part – there were a lot of really interesting and cool developments that were a great laugh to write about. Until the next time folks, Cheerio!