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Part 111: What Is It Good For?

March 27, 2018

  1. Intro

    The Total War of approaching this part, as described by the excellent post of /u/ jprivado

  2. Melon Map

    Brazil in all its green glory. Will they become even more glorious this part?

  3. Tile Accurate

    Green tiles still stand proud.

  4. PR Slide

    Brazil is still number one, unshaken. Will the events of this part knock them out of the spotlight?

  5. 1

    We start with a shot of the Great Green Glob, now reaching Canada. The latest to be seized is a city drawn from the Kimberley (god save their souls), Oombulgurri. Ipoksimaik, originally a Blackfoot Claimed Land, begins taking damage.

  6. 2

    Alack and Alas. Brazil seizes the region of Quebec, granting them access to the former Gulf of Iglulik. Formerly wrestled over by the Inuit and Icelandic people, it is now probably the Gulf of Dom Bosco or something.

  7. 3

    Ah, taking a well-deserved break from the Inuit Meltdown, we see the region of Upper Asia. Australia seems to be using Brazil’s tactic of mass production. As we see the Inuit, the question is raised: Will someone remove that pesky blue blob from Asia?!

  8. 4

    Waterever, you Sea, the Cray-sea Inuit voted on a Krilliant congress that Corals are no longer essenshell to the word, meanwhile, Brazil fishes that their one vote is enough to Kelp the corals from their anemony. (not sorry)

  9. 5

    Ah, peaceful Vietnam, so calm, so filled with the wrong shade of green on their cities…. It’s honestly disgusting. Oh, and people don’t like being smelly and thus they don’t ban Perfume.

  10. 6

    Well, nothing new under the sun, Brazil gets more cities, and it is reaching dangerously close to Alaska….

  11. 7

    Ah, Regina and Victoria. Regina means queen, Regina is separated from Victoria, it means Queen Victoria was dethroned, and this means, FILTHY SYNDICALIST SCUM!

  12. 8

    “Another one bites the dust Another one bites the dust And another one gone, and another one gone Another one bites the dust Hey, I'm gonna get you too” -Brazil’s war anthem, I think

  13. 9

    Sibir thinks that Black is the New Green, and seriously, there is too much black, and too little flippin’. Is anyone interested in a CBR where no cities are flipped whatsoever?! Whoever you are, send a melee unit! ANYTHING!!!

  14. 10

    Ah, Rach Gha, a beautiful city, kept safe by the Terminator Unit. I see, Brazil is sharing the secrets of the Former Boer Skynet to its ahem close ally. Maybe that should explain why the leaders won’t die. Maybe. Who knows.

  15. 11

    The United Cities of North Brazil, in all its puppeted Glory. It is only a matter of time before direct rule starts, the units start producing again, the army starts expanding more and more, and the looming green shadow gets casted on the world even further.

  16. 12

    Nova Scotia is now under Brazilian Rule. We can see Cuiaba, a city on Brazil’s city list, but that’s not the important thing! Ottawa, a capital, is BRAZILIAN. Can anything stop this green wave?! Soon the former Canadian lands will be gone. The Americas are already taken. Then they will go to the Inuit. The 1st and the 2nd in the Power Rankings, all mowed down like pathetic garbage.

  17. 13

    Saskatoon is reclaimed by the melty stinky icy garbage, how cute. Brazil isn’t going to be deleted by a single city. Victoria is surrounded, locked off from the world outside Ol’Huron Lake.

  18. 14

    Iqaluit. The Second City on Inuit’s name list, shares a screen with a city in a Tropical Zone. I am sorry. there is barely anything to say other than variations of “Brazil gets land”. I mean, I was a Brazil fan since I joined the BR, and I am not complaining at all. The Green Wave shall consume it all.

  19. 15

    Sibir, proclaiming Maximum Russia, sneaks into Manchurian Korea. I mean, Korea is the CBR equivalent to a Basement Dweller, he probably turned his palace underground for maximum weebiness.

  20. 16

    Ah, peace at least! Between non-fighting parties...that one of them helped the Great BR Empire more than themselves, well, submission or allegiance.

  21. 17

    Saskatoon is flipped once again, Victoria is un-sieged, units approach Halifax… Man, the peaceful and long unflipped Canada took a turn for the worse. This is, no joke, saddening me. like, years and years of peace and tranquility, gone in a flash.

  22. 18

    Narim might be an interesting beachhead for landing Brazilian units. The isle is surrounded from all sides by Inuit ships.

  23. 19

    Alaska is starting to become a possible dream, with the capture of Kangiqtinq, the fourth Inuit City! We can see a Blackfoot Tank, and another city from Brazil name list, Aracaju. (Great city, I love the IRL beaches there)

  24. 20

    Good grief...More of the Brazil wave strikes the Inuit. Changing topics from the obvious, I wonder how Keflavik is faring, it must be cramped with Inuit refugees, anxious to go live in a safe heaven, with barely any green.

  25. 21

    There are 6 Inuit Settlers in this shot alone. Instead of you know…. Trying to resist the Green Tide with units, because that would actually help you?

  26. 22

    Ah, such a great shot, Brazil has arrived at the Arctic Ocean, such a wonderful conquest for the Empire of Brazil. A new beach has been opened, and it’s open for the public! I don’t think you should wear your speedos and bikinis on this one.

  27. 23

    Watch out! While apparently no significant damage happened, look at the corner and see how Brazil seized cities at the Northeast of Kangiqtinq, like Cill Choinnigh. Also worth noting that Qamani'tuaq, which is red, is tagged as a capital, even though their capital is Ivvavik. Which could mean that Ivvavik was sieged off-screen.

  28. 24

    You probably noticed by now, that Brazil betrayed their OCP buddy Iceland, nothing personal, it’s just that you don’t get room for allies when you are conquering the world. Oh well. Edmonton and Keflavik take damage, the army moves swiftly to St Catharines.

  29. 25

    Here we see the Fleet of Thor in all its mighty power! Well there are more carriers than anything but is the thought that matters. Some Carriers from the Bucc Carrier Fleet can be seen, welcoming and guiding the Mighty fleet to the Americas! and we can see a barbarian artillery unit. Are they backed by Brazil to slow at Iceland?

  30. 26

    What a refreshing view of Africa. The International Community was finally alerted by Ingólfur of the possible menace Brazil stands for the world in an emergency UN Summit.

  31. 27

    “People and Leaders of the Cylinder! Brazil has crossed the boundaries of warfare! One thing is to fight wars on the Boers, who was annexing left and right, one thing is to be called to wars from your ally, and profiting, Another thing is to avenge a fallen foe! But Pedro attacked me, a close ally of his, and now Cienfuegos is under attack as we speak...”.

  32. 28

    “The ancient land of the Romans is broken and scattered thanks to the incessant fire of the Brazilians. So, I ask you all...”

  33. 29

    “While England is undergoing a naval invasion, are we going to wait until we conquer them all?! It could be you next! We shall join forces and end this fiendish and warmonger beast once and for all, then we may fight for petty squabbles like the days of old.”

  34. 30

    While a yet-not-deleted fleet strikes the final heartland of a once eternal empire, the UN stands up in applause, and they decide that the time to strike is now. no more delays. THE FATE OF THE WORLD SHALL BE DECIDED! TO THE VICTOR, FAME AND FORTUNE, to the loser, may your actions be forgotten by the time.

  35. 31

    WAR IS DECLARED GLOBALLY. EVERYONE IS AT WAR, NOBODY LIES AT PEACE. Crowfoot, once a wise ruler, is struck by madness and sees the filth on this world. He decides to make the world as wide, colorful and diverse as was the world of old. As a first action, he calls the exiled and wandering José Rizal to once again rule the island chain of The Philippines.

  36. 32

    The land of Japan. Slayed long ago by the Kimberley nation, released and integrated by Korea, is once again active. Meiji, after a successful escape from Sejong’s Basement comes back to sit on a wooden chair at Nagoya, which he claims is better than watching Sejong play StarCraft II.

  37. 33

    Korea reclaims Suwon and Ulsan from the Vietnamese, alas. It seems the original plan of just crippling Brazil was a failure, and now everyone is at war, everyone is conquering each other, everyone is fighting. May the best man win.

  38. 34

    Korea is trying their best to keep themselves intact, and it seems they are quite managing to do it!

  39. 35

    Inuit takes several Korean Cities, such as Gongju! Aussie Troops flock in direction of Kamchatka, wanting a bit of the Ice Cream.

  40. 36

    Aaah~ The Bordergore is astounding...The Inuit seizes some Sibir cities as well, Sibir takes Elgyay, Mongolia is heavily damaged by their Ferocious Foes.

  41. 37

    I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON. Inuit descends into Asia! Otrar is attacked from multiple sides! Korea is still flocked by the Aussies, apparently barely taking damage!

  42. 38

    Australia is still mad at the Vietnam War and attacks Olongapo, Vietnam takes Caloocan. A fierce naval battle starts, after the combined fleets strike at the Philippines!

  43. 39

    Even with a hefty number of Viet-marines, O Raj Brasileiro seems unlikely to fall, it’s too carpeted.

  44. 40

    ‘Nam can’t catch a break and loses Da Nang in India for Brazil. La Hore is quite damaged.

  45. 41

    Vietnam can’t flip a single Brazilian city, only damage. Vietnam can try, but that's about it. Millard Fillmore would be astounded by the incompetence of Vietnamese armed forces.

  46. 42

    Mongolia...is doing better than expected! They have not immediately died, and they still have a standing army on their side! However, they must still deal with Worst Khan’s carpet and the Advancing Asian Ice Cube.

  47. 43

    This slide has damage. No Flips, but lots and lots of damage.

  48. 44

    Yerevan and other Caucasus cities are in the Black! Could Pedro net another capital?

  49. 45

    Europe is a “boring” continent. No cities flip, only get damaged. MELEE UNITS ARE IMPORTANT OKAY?!

  50. 46

    Ah Denmark. you never were in this game, but even here Holstein lies separated from you. Will Sweden take you home? Will they take a bit out of Hamburg and take the south back?!

  51. 47

    We see X-Coms swarming a very black France, meaning we will see more Green in Europe next turn.

  52. 48

    Antium gets seized by Brazil and what the hell Sweden go back and take a German city.

  53. 49

    Cienfuegos gets captured and Lisbon is surrounded. I very much doubt these little islands will fall very easily, I mean, it’s not like they are relevant or whatever.

  54. 50

    Bamako is engulfed by Brazil. I predict even Sale is going to be stolen.

  55. 51

    A Bucc Great Musician plays accordion and sings chanties in the far south seas near a very damaged Wulungarra. With no enemy melee unit in sight, we’re left to wonder, “Who will take it, if anyone?”

  56. 52

    Oh, Canada. Long time no see. If you look at the minimap, you will spot that the Inuit took a bite out of Greenland. Brazil split them in West and East Inuit, split across the Ivvavik-Iqaluit river.

  57. 53

    This slide lacks units in both fronts. It’s clear this war has taken a great loss of lives.

  58. 54

    Even though the Bra-Ice war caused over control of the Viklande Peninsula, their cities lie in the hands of the original owners. Naval assistance is important, kids!

  59. 55

    Yare Yare Daze. The Buccaneer core lies unfazed by the Brazilian Attacks. They have their navy and they are going to use it goddamnit!

  60. 56

    At the Centrarr Arrmerica, things aren’t looking so bright. they are surrounded from North and South America, all that takes is a little effort from the Brazilians.

  61. 57

    South Arrmerica is pressured on by the Green Glob, My prediction is 2 or 3 parts to fall.

  62. 58

    A Grand Fleet is rushing and striking the seas. Will the Australians push back the Better Green back into America? Will the blob never end???

  63. 59

    The Battle Starts Now. And So the Wheel of Fate spins. What will happen next? Stay Tuned For Next Part, Praise Fillmore and I hope you enjoyed my narration!