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Part 115: Follow the Lime Green Brick Road

April 23, 2018

  1. intro

    Hello, everyone! Welcome to Part 115 of the wonderful Civ Battle Royale! This is /u/cardboardmech, also called just Cardboard for short, longtime Battle Royale watcher, sometime OC creator, occasional Civ modder, and your narrator for this part. This is my first time narrating a CBR part and I'm quite excited. This is Graph of Land Area Per Turn by /u/wburrow, and it shows the rise and fall of contenders over the course of the Battle Royale. The rise of Brazil at the end is pretty cool.

  2. PR Slide

    And surprising nobody who's seen the current state of the cylinder, Brazil takes the top spot in the Power Rankings. Pedro now has the longest #1 streak on top, and it probably won't end.

  3. Erlen's Tile Accurate Map

    Here's the beautiful Tile-Accurate Map from /u/DerErlenkonig. We see the swathes of unbroken lime green covering two continents and large parts of three others.

  4. Melon Map

    This is personally my favorite map, the Tile-Accurateish map form /u/SphericalMelon. It just looks so pretty, and gives plenty of information too. We haven't seen Africa in a long time, so we don't know much about the current state of that area.

  5. 1

    Our first shot shows three civs making peace with Pedro and instantly being forced back into it, because Total War. A capital somewhere in the cylinder falls. Tuninuq comes under assault, though it will probably take some time to fall. The Inuit have some planes on this front, while Brazil does not.

  6. 2

    The northern Inuit homeland looks relatively full, but the Brazilians are slowly coming north, as the Carnaval begins to melt the snow.

  7. 3

    Interestingly, Ekeuhnick has moved his capital to Nattfaravik, a city Iceland founded. Under siege by its former owners, the difficult terrain will keep it from falling for now. More Brazilians head north.

  8. 4

    Ingolfur starts moving the Icelandic carrier fleet around Greenland, to try and protect it from Brazil. Only one carrier of thirty-three present on the slide has an air unit. Even in Total War, Big Carrier retains its tight grip.

  9. 5

    Iceland flips Limerick back, but they're taking too many losses. No city on this slide is at full health now. Iceland itself is visible at the very top. All of this will be just Pedro's soon. Just Pedro.

  10. 6

    The Green Line between Sweden and Sibir is now quite wide, though there hasn't been much movement on this front. Kuchum Khan has rushed more units to the battlefield, and Gorky, Dijon, Akrofuom, Kuovola, and Joensuu could fall, though they would probably flip back.

  11. 7

    The Swedish government has relocated to the eastern Linkoping, while the northern Jyvaskyla falls to Brazil. (It's pronounced Yuh-vas-ku-lah) In our world, Jyvaskyla was home to Lauri Pihkala, the inventor of pesäpallo, or Finnish baseball. Sweden seems to be beginning to run low on units, but Gustavus will probably hold on for some more time.

  12. 8

    Yes, Stockholm has fallen. The brave Swedish defenders fought hard, but even the father of modern warfare cannot stop the Carnaval. Trondheim also falls.

  13. 9

    Attila's Court, Sintra, and Tus are back in Pedro's hands. What's alarming for Sibir here is that there are almost no Siberian units between the Aral Sea and Qashliq. Kuchum needs to reinforce this gap in his lines quickly, or risk losing his capital. His core looks dangerously empty now too.

  14. 10

    Sibir tries a push towards Nyingchi and Phu Xuan. Hovd is annexed. The site of a bloody meatgrinder in years past, Kuchum Khan can only hope he can keep it at that.

  15. 11

    The Burmese front. One of the more static ones, Brazil has slowly started to push units forward. Lhasa could fall, though the strong Vietnamese air force here might slow them down.

  16. 12

    Pedro takes Denpasar, bringing the outer Indonesian islands under Brazilian control. Vietnam takes back My Son with a rare naval melee unit. XCOMs land on Sumatra and Borneo, hoping to grab some more cities. Amaravati looks likely to fall. My Son might be Brazilian too next turn.

  17. 13

    Pedro takes Whangarei and looks to hold it. Australia takes back Orange, and Surabaya's at low health. Amusingly, Krakatoa is actually Australian. I don't see much of the Australian military here, with only a handful of ships present. Where is the Wobbegong?

  18. 14

    Looma. The last holdout of the Boers. An XCOM squad and a hovertank guard Kruger's last city, all that remains of the great Boer military. His robotic body seriously damaged in the fall of Africa, he looks out the window. His digital eye sees nothing beyond the ice and sea. No one is coming for him today. Snow begins to fall on the Antarctic city. Imagine what it is like in Looma.

  19. 15

    Brazilian soldiers, reinforced with robotic infantry, move to secure northern China. Sibir is annexing cities to the north. The cheeky city of Hue dares Pedro to take it. A long time ago, this was the abode of Mao. Now China is but a memory, and Pedro could soon be the master of this land. Just Pedro.

  20. 16

    Not much change here, with the borders staying for now. Zhigansk looks to fall, but to who? Most units in the area are Siberian, but there's a Brazilian XCOM in range, and a couple of Korean units within two turns. The Brazilian exclave of Ambarchik looks safe for now, until Siberians or Koreans get closer. I'm going to spare Dawkinzz and not mention that Korean city by name.

  21. 17

    Seoul is in the red, with Brazilians half-surrounding it. Unless Sejong can pull off a miracle, his capital, once one of the most advanced cities in the world, will fall. Of note: every Brazilian city on this slide except for Busan is in the red. Fortunately for Pedro, no one has a melee unit in range of his cities.

  22. 18

    Here we see Vietnam hold Vigan (pronounced like "vegan" for Dawkinzz's benefit) against a trickle of Brazilians.If Pedro manages to get more units in, it'll fall. Hoi An remains Brazilian until the Trungs can get a Biotrooper in. Hanoi is in the yellow from the Brazilwood Bombers, making sure that the citizens know that Pedro is coming.

  23. 19

    Korea tries attacking Mililani, and has embarked units on the way. The lack of any Aussie miltary presence in the region could mean that Sejong could take it. There is a Brazilian advanced destroyer in the area, however...

  24. 20

    Wotjulum is taken by a Brazilian XCOM, asthe Inuit and Korea try to take back the former Blackfoot island on the Aleutians.

  25. 21

    Pedro seems to have started annexing cities in southern Mexico. Not much yet in terms of a Brazilian carpet here, but there could be one soon. The area seems to have recovered quickly from the war too. It seems so long ago.

  26. 22

    Not a single annexed city in sight. Brazil does have a significant air force here, probably moving up to or supporting the campaign in the north. The Great Plains are mostly empty of military units, though there are a lot up on the front. Pedro may have problems reinforcing if he doesn't get enough units here.

  27. 23

    A new turn comes, and with it, a stack of peace treaties rendered void by the will of Nebuchadnezzar. Brazilians approach Inuvik and Sirmilik, the latter looking like it will fall next turn. The Ice Sheet Fleet seems to be mostly made up of cybersubs, with an occasional carrier and arsenal ship. I count a total of one melee ship. That fleet won't be flipping many cities without those embarked units.

  28. 24

    St. Catharines falls to Brazil, who seems to be running low on frontline units. In the corner, Nattfaravik seems to be holding out well. The Inuit have a lot of land melee units, and could hold the Brazilians for some time.

  29. 25

    Brazil takes back Limerick, and captures Cork for good measure. Grindavik is in the black and looks to turn green next turn. Once more the Emerald Isle will be green. The Icelandic defense seems to be centered around Waterford, while Iceland itself seems empty. Reykjavik is still damaged.

  30. 26

    Welp. Jonkoping is gone, most likely razed by Brazil last turn. The Brazilians still hold Stockholm, and approach Vasteras and Gdansk, even over the heroics of the Swedish Air Force. Every Swedish city is filled to the brim with aircraft, as well as the carriers. Except Turku, which only has 5.

  31. 27

    Sibir takes Akrofuom, but there is a large Brazilian concentration around Kouvola. Interestingly enough, Akrofuom is an Ashanti city name. I'll quote the entire Wikipedia article about it. "Akrofuom is a town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The town is known for the Akrofuom Secondary Technical School. The school is a second cycle institution."

  32. 28

    Brazil pushes toward Qashliq, as Mini-Pedro decides that the capital must be the primary target. Clever little AI. Kuchum Khan rushes units to Shahrisabz as the Brazilians approach the city. Sligeach and Bakihon look to be holding, as reinforcements arrive via Beaumont.

  33. 29

    The Brazilian Raj. One of the jewels of the empire , it is largely annexed, with the new cities of Uberlandia and Feira de Santana built as symbols of Brazilian power. The north and east are taking damage from bombs, but are secured by ground troops.

  34. 30

    Brazil trades Jakarta for My Son and Surabaya. Jakarta will fall back to Pedro next turn, however.

  35. 31

    We see mainland Australia again. Some cities are taking bombs, but there is a significant amount of modern ground units, though not quite a full carpet. A Boer cybersub sails west of Kadjina, attempting to reestablish contact with Skynet. It is safe for the time being, since the Wobbegong is nowhere to be found. The submarine tries again, but Kruger no longer controls Skynet. Pedro does. Just Pedro.

  36. 32

    We see the southern Philippines for the first time this part. Manila is Vietnamese, Olongapo (o-LONG-ga-PO) is Brazilian, and other cities take damage, including Davao, my hometown. I think I can see my house from here! It's probably been bombed though. Brazil does seem to be attempting to turn Vietnam into an enclave, cutting them off from Sibir, and now Australia.

  37. 33

    Sejong amazingly still holds his capital. Kyoto somehow is at full health, and several Brazilian cities are undefended. Henry Parkes has kept Gladstone Australian for now. The Koreans have been doing a great job defending, and haven't collapsed yet.

  38. 34

    Only a Vietnamese exclave borders Sibir now. Pedro has done a very good job in his gutsy attempt to cut Vietnam off from every other empire. Brazilian units now hold the mountain passes, and a long string of cities all the way to Jeonju.

  39. 35

    The Brazilian snipe of Wotjulum is bombarded by Korea, whose nearest melee units are some distance away. Sejong seems to also be bombarding the Inuit cities to the north.

  40. 36

    The Aleutian island cities seem to be safe, due to there not being any enemy units in the area. The Koreans have a naval presence, but all the Inuit have are small garrisons and some planes. Or are they nukes?

  41. 37

    Tuninuq has been captured by Brazil. Inuit units rush south to recapture it, as Pedro presses toward Mitimatilik. Ekeuhnick is running low on melee units here, and the entire Alaskan theatre could be at risk.

  42. 38

    The Wobbegong finally appears off Hawaii. No Brazilian units in sight, all away on other fronts. The only melee units Parkes has here are land units however.

  43. 39

    Coff's Harbour stays Aussie due to a ceasefire, but is in the yellow with Brazilian ships still visible nearby.

  44. 40

    The same AI peace deal keeps Tamworth and Shepparton Australian for now. More Brazilian ships are present here, ready to swoop in and take down the cities.

  45. 41

    Sirmilik is Brazilian now. Pedro's units continue marching north, slowly but surely. All will become Pedro's. Just Pedro.

  46. 42

    Iceland is pushing towards Nattfaravik with a mix of biotrooopers and robot infantry. Oshawa is in the yellow, with a Brazilian paratrooper in the area.

  47. 43

    Sweden continues to be swamped with Brazilians. Pedro now seems to have directed a major push towards Gustavus' core. Finland in particular has quite a lot of green units.

  48. 44

    The long Siberian Front stays relatively static for now. Siberian biotroopers are continuously headed for the front. Brazil seems to be holding the line here for now, with no major offensives coming soon.

  49. 45

    These mountains look to be the line once more. South of the line is relatively safe Brazilian territory, while north of it are the battlegrounds of southern Sibir. Pedro's offensive on Shahrisabz and Multan seems to be going well, but the lack of air support will hurt.

  50. 46

    Pedro's trying to surround Nagchukha with Brazilian units, but the biotroopers near it are having none of it. Sibir has air superiority, and Kuchum Khan would be well-advised to use that advantage.

  51. 47

    Every Brazilian city here is in the deep red. Vietnam even has land melee units for the job! Hoa Lu could flip back. Senggezangbo is still Vietnamese and at full health. It's looking like Pedro's gathering his forces here.

  52. 48

    No cities have changed hands since we last saw this area, but some cities have lost more health. Australia still holds eastern Borneo, while the Philippines is divided between three green civs.

  53. 49

    The Hue salient still holds, and Brazil seems to be incapable of taking more cities without air support. Most Brazilian units are facing north, to the sizable Siberian force there.

  54. 50

    The Inuit take Sendai with a rare advanced destroyer. However, Korea is set to take it back next turn, possibly along with Brazilian Wotjulum.

  55. 51

    Daegu and Tyokhtur fall to Sibir, while Andong is taken by the Brazilians. Korea is beginning to collapse on land, and they have no way to retake those cities. I miss pre-reboot Korea.

  56. 52

    The city of Dawkinzz's nightmares still holds though, but it's under Brazilian attack. Brazil might be the one who ends up with the remains of Korea. Pedro knew what he was doing, starting a war here. The only one who did. Just Pedro.

  57. 53

    Another turn, another batch of Babylon-vetoed peace deals. The Boers, Iceland, and the Inuit try to make peace. I wonder what kind of peace deals those would be. Would they give away half their empires? Would they just pay in gold? No progress here for now.

  58. 54

    The Inuit seem to have stopped the green tide for now. Good job Ekeuhnick. It might be the planes, it might be the long distance Brazilian reinforcements have to travel, it could be the terrain.

  59. 55

    A similar situation here. the Inuit have held off all attacks and still hold Nattfaravik.

  60. 56

    Kopavogur, Waterford, and Galway are all in the red and have Brazilian units next to them. It's very likely they'll at least flip next turn. On Iceland itself, Reykjavik and Thingvellir are in the yellow. Ingolfur hides in a bunker heated by geothermal heat, dreading the time when the Brazilians make landfall.

  61. 57

    Pedro is using Trondheim as a jump-off point for the invasion of the Shetlands and Faroes. Southern Norway is beginning to feel the Carnaval. A Brazilian carrier somehow finds itself lost on the wrong side of Tonsberg.

  62. 58

    Gdansk falls and Vasteras is in the red. Sweden is now clearly running out of units to send to the front, since the front is everywhere now. Brazilian embarked units also enter the southern Gulf of Bothnia.

  63. 59

    Not much changes here, except this time Otrar is under serious attack. The battle rages on between Nagchukha and Rutog. I like how the Vietnamese exclave has a nice little pasture.

  64. 60

    Rangoon falls, and so does Lahore? Somehow that Vietnamese ship managed to sneak in past the embarked units and take the city! That is some daring stuff, Trungs. Striking back even as you lose ground. Wonderful.

  65. 61

    Pedro has Jakarta now, but lost Surabaya and My Son. My Son will quickly fall back to Pedro and stay Brazilian, since the nearest Vietnamese melee unit is in the Straits of Malacca. Henry Parkes of Australia, however, has more melee units and planes in the region and will probably hold the line for now. But everything here will be Pedro's eventually. Just Pedro.

  66. 62

    Parkes has Olongapo now, and has a biotrooper threatening Davao. Manila and Caloocan are Brazilian, and the Australian air advantage is clear here. Hanoi is still at half health, an d a useful carrier is found near Hoi An, which is Vietnamese now.

  67. 63

    A large swath of Brazilian cities greet us north of Caloocan, even with a small carpet in the Chongqing area. This could be the site of Pedro's next push... Vigan is threatened and Korean cybersubs, one with missiles, menaces Brazilian Japan.

  68. 64

    Hue, Rach Gia, and Tianjin are all feeling the pressure from the Brazilian mini-carpets (Do we call them rugs?) around the key cities of the front. It seems Pedro wants to hue in Hue soon. Seoul remains in trouble, but has a fair amount of troops for defense.

  69. 65

    Dawkinzz's Bane falls to Brazil and Zhigansk is Siberian. The Inuit defense line moves to Olenyok, but with almost no support behind it. The Inuit may just be starting to collapse along this front. Another thing of note: The Siberian worker army marches east.

  70. 66

    Well this is the last slide for today. Mililani has survived, and Yokohama is Brazilian now, down to 41 population. Last time we saw it, it was at 48 pop and held by Australia. Pedro's tourism prevented a greater massacre. More proof the Pedro is a benevolent overlord. Well this has been cardboardmech/Cardboard, your narrator for this part. I'd like to thank BC for giving me this opportunity, as well as everyone on the sub, and the MFLC of course. Hope you have a good day/night, and it was a pleasure to narrate part 115 of the Civ Battle Royale Mark 2.1!