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Part 118: The Race for 8th

May 16, 2018

  1. Intro

    Hello everyone and welcome the the Civilization Battle Royale: Mk. 2! I am your host for today, /u/jmangelo67. Head of the Power Rankings team and the creator of the SoonTM to be released Libya mod to be featured in the upcoming CBRX game! I narrated the part “Break Down the Walls” in which many cities, including ancient Jericho, were nuked off the face of the Cylinder, and I am glad to be back to narrate once again. Here we see Pedro hoisting the Babylonian Gauntlet and, once he gathers all of the Civilization Stones, he will snap his fingers and bring about worldwide carnivale…

  2. Erlen's Tile Accurate Map

    Once again we see the state of the world and, unless your name is Pedro II or Henry Parkes, it doesn’t seem like life is going to be very easy for you in the coming turns, although the latter will join to Bad Life Club pretty soon.

  3. DownvoteGallowboob1's TimeLapse

    Here we see life from the beginning. Rather than show off a second map, I thought it would be nice to remind us all of where we started and where we are now. So many have left us and joined the annals of BR history. To think three years ago we had sixty-one civilizations battling it out for supremacy, where the Yakuts were a regional power, The Kongo was one of the mightiest empires, Canada was battling back the frozen hordes, and little Dom Pedro was holding hands with Eva Peron, Bernardo O’Higgins, and Pachacuti… Where has the time gone? Coiot's Note: To view the timelapse preoperly, go to this slide's individual page: http://civbattleroyale.tv/albums/d72f39bc4f0a8630721bda05106a894d/content/8f1cf9925ebe021bd3360bc434db9539/

  4. PR Slide

    Brazil remains the top position in the rankings as always. I will not bore you with the reasons as to why. If you don’t know why they’re in first? Well, you should be more observant.

  5. 1

    The assault continues in Alaska! The Alaskan cities here can be seen bombarded, but holding out with some soldiers. Some Inuit fans may rejoice in seeing that the Inuit haven’t given up yet; however, I would like to point out the outdated Artillery unit in Samara. It has become so desperate that Ekehunick has resorted to using the old weapons in his museums.

  6. 2

    Uqsuqtuuq, Tara, and Miahwaptsik have all fallen to Brazil whilst other cities in the region are being shelled out. Uqsuqtuuq is likely to return to Inuit hands, however.

  7. 3

    Reydarfjall has fallen to Brazil! Iceland continues to scramble to defend its last Greenlandic holdings. You’d think Iceland would be the next to go with this slide, but one other civ might beat Iceland to it...

  8. 4

    Gustavus Adolphus, the Lion of the North, valiantly battles back the Brazilian menace to no avail. As Skara falls to the Brazilian hordes, Sweden holds five cities to Iceland’s six. Who will win the race for 8th?

  9. 5

    Sibir continues to be bombarded, but they are holding out on the Western front so far! They have consolidated their forces into the Siberian sea, however, and it would behoove Kuchum Khan to move his forces to the border rather than protect just Gorky and Dijon. The Hit and Run Tactics of Sibir may aid them, however, as he could consolidate his forces after protecting his small northern cities.

  10. 6

    Here we see the real battle. Sibir lives up to its reputation as the meatgrinder of the Battle Royale, but there is one small issue. Qashliq, the capital of the Sibirian Empire, is looming towards capture. Surrounded by all sides with only an Artillery to defend it, Sibir may lose yet another capital in the Total War

  11. 7

    The Mongolian holdings of New Sarai and Rutog in southern Sibir are facing Brazilian forces, but they are relatively in better spots than other parts of the empire. Rutog may fall to Brazil based on its proximity to Brazil, but its high city defense value may make it a tough fight.

  12. 8

    On the Eastern border of Sibir, Ortrar is relatively safe and the previously destroyed city to its east has become reclaimed tile for Sibir. The eastern Brazilian forces are sparse here and, if not for the war in the West, Sibir could actually fight back against Brazil. Not win, of course, but put up a good scrap!

  13. 9

    If the Sibirian Biotrooper in the Northeastern border of Sibir and Brazil moved south, he could take the city of Tyokhtyur and consolidate. On another note, notice the pure lack of units in this area. Both sides are relatively peaceful here, but I only imagine it is because of the countless deaths in this region.

  14. 10

    Meanwhile, the Chukotkan Peninsula’s Inuit forces face severe Brazilian threat. As Olenyo Russkoye Ustye prepare to fall to Brazil, the transcontinental empire of the Inuit, the first of its kind, prepares its ceasing of existence.

  15. 11

    Wotjulum falls to Brazil! God Dawkinzz, you are not getting a break here with the names. Aside Dawkinzz’ poor tongue, Korea joins the Scandinavians in the Race for 8th! Although Korea may be better off than the Scandinavian forces, Korea may, and I mean just may, reach 8th. With his city count and diverse geography, however, Korea may have to fight in Race for 7th.

  16. 12

    Seoul is bombarded! It looks poised to fall real soon!

  17. 13

    Vietnam loses Mandalay and Indapura, with Co Loa CERTAIN to fall next! The Vietnamese have now entered the Race! Also to note is that the Trungs have positioned most of their forces around Hanoi, their last and domestic capital.

  18. 14

    Whereas Brazil has moved their forces towards Asia and Europe and the war gets no less intense, we find an empty void in Oceania. Western Australia is totally empty of both Brazilian and Australian units…

  19. 15

    The islands north of Australia too are empty of units. I’d blame this on the peace deals between the two powers, but the total void of units just seems totally odd. It has brought the war between Australia and Brazil to a standstill at the very least. Perhaps it is because Brazil has taken Japan, and the study of old anime like DragonBall Z, where episodes totally devoted to staredowns, is thought of by the Brazilians to be a good military tactic.

  20. 16

    Coff’s Harbour, my favourite city that is not Brazilian on the cylinder, is totally safe. Again, an empty sea. I wonder how much wreckage from the Garbage Patch and the Wobbegong are at the bottom of that ocean…

  21. 17

    Here we see Artillery-itis once again, as Australia’s Antarctic holdings are protected by outdated siege materials.

  22. 18

    Samara holds for another turn! Meanwhile, Ciudad Guyana geys bombarded by nuclear missiles! The Inuit will not give up yet!

  23. 19

    Igluugarjuk and Wahpetonwan fall to Brazil. Some had expected the rough and undesirable terrain would have slowed down Brazil like it did with the Boers, but it seems like Brazil is being a bit more aggressive with the Inuit this time around.

  24. 20

    Qashliq barely clings on as another meatgrinding slaughter occurs on the southwestern border of Sibir! Just imagine the charging cybernetic armies firing at each other and the carnage. It is both exciting and saddening to see.

  25. 21

    Rutog continues to defend itself admirably in the south, but New Sarai is shelled. The Brazilian units surrounding it are damaged severely, but New Sarai could fall quite soon.

  26. 22

    Nagat falls surprisingly, as Sibir must have had to consolidate its forces in more important and brutal parts of the country whereas Brazil had the forces to spare.

  27. 23

    Ruskoye Ustye falls as predicted and Olenyo is set to fall soon as well. Impressively, Mukhtu sports and impressive 206 city defensive strength. That might be a tougher nut to crack, but this is just an observation.

  28. 24

    Korea sports an impressive military in their last stand around Hamhung, though their city of Hamhung should be their last concern…

  29. 25

    Their mountain defenses do have them covered, but their protection from northern incursion is sparse.

  30. 26

    The plentiful city of Osaka and the bastion of Korean anime is wildly unprotected despite the empty neighbourhood.

  31. 27

    Speaking of empty neighbourhood, have you seen the Pacific Ocean? It’s so… empty.

  32. 28

    The Philippines are starting to pick up again, but I don’t expect much action to occur here. Also to note, Baguan has been destroyed! It is now an ash pile!

  33. 29

    Bagan and Co Loa have fallen here. With the loss of Malaysia and their northernmost holdings being almost entirely cut off from the main part of the empire, Vietnam is starting to take shape as the actual real world country of Vietnam.

  34. 30

    The city directly northwest of Mawlamyne has also fallen as the city becomes an exclave. Brazil surrounds Phong Chau and poises to strike here again

  35. 31

    The Aleutians hold steadily for the Inuit, but the shot of middle Inuitland reveals a severe lack of units to combat the encroaching hordes.

  36. 32

    Trvskramapurk and Rysnk are the last of the Inuit’s Arctic holdings. Brazil has taken all the cities surrounding these two cities in this turn.

  37. 33

    Akureyri and Njardvik fall! Greenland now has only four cities! What makes things interesting, however…

  38. 34

    Is that Sweden only has three as as Eidsvoll and Lipsala crumble! Sweden is EXTREMELY surrounded now. I would like to call this Race for 8th here, but Gustavus is not officially dead yet! And to think the last time I narrated a part, it was over who would win the war in Europe: Iceland or Sweden. Now I sit here taking bets as to which would die first.

  39. 35

    It wouldn’t be a part without me narrating if multiple cities weren’t totally obliterated! Gorky is gone! It ceases to exist! Gorky, a city that was the first in many settles in Whywouldanyonelivehereistan, Gorky will always belong in our hearts as a funnily named city and remind us that every tile, no matter the yields, is valuable in this game.

  40. 36

    I never imagined the day that this would happen, but Qashliq has fallen. It looks securely in Pedro’s hands, but the fight is not over yet for Sibir! For those who are not fans, I want everyone to take a second and realize that this filler civilization was meant as just that, a filler. It’s colour scheme was grey and white to take away attention in the BR. But let me tell you something… These guys were an empire. And those that are or were fans of Sibir and are a part of /r/SibiriousContenders, I want you to know that from the outside looking in, I’d be pretty damn proud to have backed these guys. Go Sibir!

  41. 37

    The shot is mostly focused on the bordergore of a nuked city from the past, but I wish to point out that New Sarai has fallen.

  42. 38

    This is a short lived conquest, I am sure. But an XCOM has teleported into Tifus and made an exclave by totally circumventing the Yakut voidlands. How disrespectful of Pedro.

  43. 39

    I imagine Tomtor in the very north to be the next target of Brazil, as it is VERY weak with Ancient Era-esque defensive strength and damage, also units are near it. Still, the area is nearly void of units here.

  44. 40

    That defense of Hamhung has proven my point. Seoul has been taken. The eternal capital, practically untouched by non-Korean hands, has fallen to Brazil. Good luck in the Race for 6th, Korea. (I say 6th because I imagine Iceland will finish 7th)

  45. 41

    Butuan has been destroyed! Something tells me Brazil does not like ancient Philippines cities.

  46. 42

    In Vietnam we see the cities succumbing to Carnivale. Too many units surround cities that are not Hanoi. Vietnam has officially entered the Race for 6th.

  47. 43

    And in our last shot of this week’s episode, we see the action pick up again in Oceania. It is not widescale, but it is something at the very least. My name has been /u/jmangelo67 audio narrated by the saucey and angel-laced vocal chords of Dawkinzz. We will see you next time in CBRX!