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Part 119: Number of the Beast

May 22. 2018

  1. Intro

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Civ Battle Royale! My name is u/Borsthestylish, long-time fan and newly appointed member of the CBRX PR, and I will be your guide as we continue the race for 8th! Shoutouts to /u/CastoloXimenez for this week’s OC, ‘Parts 102-118 in a nutshell’

  2. Erlen's Tile Accurate Map

    The weekly installment of the Tile Accurate Map, where we see that Brazil is, in fact, rather large.

  3. Vhireaan Map

    /u/Vhireaa’s wonderful hand-drawn map is most people’s first look at how the world has changed, as it is consistently uploaded day of the part’s release. As such, I find that it is among the most exciting pieces of OC that the sub has to offer.

  4. PR Slide

    It comes as no surprise that Brazil is #1 again, but when I look back, it's crazy to think that only 19 parts ago the Boers were still cleanly #1, and yet here we are. Before this 18 part streak, the Boers had the longest #1 streak from parts 87-100.

  5. 1

    And so the action begins! Starting with The Great Melting of the Inuit empire, where Brazil has taken Samara. The citizens of Ivvavik, numbering less and less with each passing day, have stopped resisting Brazilian occupation. They put up a hell of a fight, but now they must embrace the Carnival.

  6. 2

    Moving East tells a dramatic story. The Inuit have lost the cities of Rybnik and Trivakramapura. With the fall of these two cities, and no means of taking them back, the Inuit’s once mighty North American core has been entirely relegated to the confines of Alaska.

  7. 3

    A squadron of workers leave the Saskatoon city boundaries. The workers, Inuit by birth and Canadian by ancestry, had been living a peaceful life in the rich Inuit heartland, but in the past years brutal bombings from Icelandic and Brazilian planes tore the city into ruins. It seemed a hell that never ended, but suddenly the planes stopped flying overhead. The Inuit had been chased out of the region, Brazil was now protector of these lands.

  8. 4

    We pick up where we left off in the race for 8th place, as the Island Nation of Greenland loses the city of Njardvik. Ingólfur Arnarson, now stationed in Selfoss, is informed of their loss. They are down to their last three cities, and they are running out of men to defend it.

  9. 5

    Woaaaah! Well if Arnarson was running towards the finish line, it seems Gustavus Adolphus was sprinting! He’s lost the cities of Norrkoping and the temporary capital of Linkoping, and there are two Brazilian melee units ready to capture their last city, Tromso, now at under half health.

  10. 6

    Brazil fails to take a city, but with overwhelming military superiority, it is only inevitable that Sibir will lose in the grand scheme of things.. The city of Dijon is also nuked off the map here.

  11. 7

    Last part, the great Sibir lost its capital, Qashliq. Brazil has since fortified the great city, as well as pushing onwards. Ust-Kamennaya has also been swallowed by the Green Blob, with a fresh line of robot infantry defending their gains.

  12. 8

    Nukes are flying in the Southeastern regions of Sibir’s nation, and the city of Rutog, 12 population last we saw, has fallen victim to nuclear annihilation. Tiflis also still stands, despite being an exclave defended by only 2 units.

  13. 9

    Little has changed on this front, as neither side sends much of an invasion force across the war-torn Yakutian homeland.

  14. 10

    Olenyok, a city 22-pop-strong last part, has been wiped off the map. It seems that Brazil would rather not worry about a naval invasion and instead chooses to destroy anyone halting his progress the easy way. The Great Melting is picking up at an alarming rate.

  15. 11

    Korea continues to defend stunningly well, perhaps they might even succeed at retaking Wotjulum.

  16. 12

    Korea has avoided losing cities in their core during this turn, though Suwon is surrounded and melee units near both Kaesong and Gangneung. Their defense is truly impressive, I must say.

  17. 13

    We see the last of Korea’s cities, including Jeonju and the newly allocated capital of Osaka, a city which originally belonged to Japan. Jeonju looks sure to fall.

  18. 14

    Nuclear warfare continues being the main strategy in the Brazil-Australia conflict, with the city of Geelong being the latest city taken off the map. Batam is also in yellow, though no nearby melee units could take it.

  19. 15

    Though only Saigon has taken damage of Vietnam’s onscreen cities, it is the other cities that look prime to fall. Hai Phong, in particular, is almost entirely surrounded by Brazil’s mighty army, yet it is defended by a lone caravan.

  20. 16

    Barnaul, a young city which had been settled recently by the Inuit, has been nuked off the map. This leaves 3 cities on mainland North America that do not yet belong to Pedro. Qausuittuq is also surrounded by Brazilian troops and looks sure to fall.

  21. 17

    If it were not for the horrifying population per square mile, Coff’s harbour would likely be the world’s most peaceful city. The largest city in the world is totally isolated from the horrors of the world around them, and the millions living there have never known war.

  22. 18

    Every continent is threatened by Brazil. South America and Africa are both entirely owned by Brazil, and they don’t plan on stopping there. One city stops them from owning all of Europe, four stubborn Inuit cities remain halting their advance in North America, and finally these final two Australian cities remain in Antarctica. 10 planes in either city are all that remains of the defense.

  23. 19

    Welcome to Brazil’s 3rd (4th?) core! North America! The military presence highlighted here is probably matched only by all of Sibir or Australia’s army, despite this not being a warzone.

  24. 20

    My homeland in real life, the Western coast of North America looks peaceful. Despite this a massive standing army remains at all times, monitoring the citizens of these former Blackfoot and Mexican lands.

  25. 21

    Once the capital of the most powerful nation in the world, Pretoria has been relegated to a small 8-pop city in Brazil’s 2nd core, Africa. Like everywhere else on the cylinder, Southern Africa is guarded by countless Brazilian soldiers.

  26. 22

    Frankly at this point you could paint your screen lime green and it would barely look different from this image.

  27. 23

    Thousands and thousands of years ago these lands belonged partially to the Ashanti. Though they were the 2nd civilization eliminated, their lands still stay relevant as the Green blob utilizes its resources.

  28. 24

    After that brief intermission, we return to the action. Greenland has been completely evicted from their the Western portion of their island with the fall of Mosfellsbaer, leaving the remnants of the nation eastward.

  29. 25

    Greenland has also lost the city of Selfoss to Brazil, leaving them at 1 city, Akranes. No less than 4 melee units are in range of Arnarson’s final city, it seems they will fall very, very, soon.

  30. 26

    Sweden has avoided elimination this turn, a miracle considering the position they found themselves in last turn. I believe their defense was made possible only thanks to the 10 planes stationed in Tromso. Nonetheless, they are well and truly out of units. 8th place is calling, Adolphus.

  31. 27

    Miraculously, it seems Sibir has once again lost not a single city on this front. Viroconium, Hameenlinna, and Pokrovskoye are low on health with Brazilian units approaching dangerously close, however.

  32. 28

    While this front continues to see little change, the defense of Tiflis is surprisingly effective, and despite it being surrounded on all sides by Sibir, they have made it to three turns of Brazilian occupation.

  33. 29

    Another turn goes, and another city bites the dust. Tommor, one of Yakutia’s very earliest cities has been nuked off the map by Brazil.

  34. 30

    Korea is somehow still defending like a champion, managing to avoid losing a single city for two turns straight. For the record, they are the only civ left in the game other than Brazil itself to not lose a single city these last two turns. That's one hell of a defense for a civilization that went into Total war in 9th place, 17 cities strong.

  35. 31

    Vietnam is coming dangerously close to losing Hanoi, as they lose both Bago and Mawlamyine (offscreen) this turn. On top of this, Hanoi, Vijaya, and Hoi An are all below half health and totally surrounded by Brazilian units.

  36. 32

    Another city is blown off the map, this time it's Strangnas. Its crazy how numbed we have become to the thought of a city, millions of civilians inside, being wiped off the planet entirely.

  37. 33

    BREAKING NEWS: A single division of robot infantry approaches full health Honolulu. “I have a bad feeling about this” said the division’s leader when pressed by journalists.

  38. 34

    As another Australian city is blown to bits by nuclear weapons, the people of Traralgon know that it is up to them to put up Antarctica’s final stand.

  39. 35

    And so the tale of Ingolfur Arnarson ends today. The terror of the North began his rise to the top from humble origins. An isolated island on the outskirts of Europe, the Icelandic people seemed doomed from the getgo, getting initially ranked 56th of the 61 civilizations in the cylinder. Despite this, they took advantage of every situation they could, settling all of Greenland and launching an invasion on Ireland while they were weak. Now in control of the British Isles, Iceland’s navy was matched only by the Buccaneers, and with a solid army to boot it was only a matter of time before the great Arnarson made landing in Europe. Finally, the opportunity came when a war against France dawned. Over the following centuries, France, Sparta, and the Buccaneers would lose all of their territory in Europe to Iceland. By part 75, Iceland had risen to 5th place in the Power Rankings, an all-time high. Though they seemed strong, a stagnant empire would only take them so far, and after 71 parts in the top 10, they are finally eliminated in… 

  40. 36

    For, I believe, the first time in CBR history, two civilizations were eliminated at the exact same turn. It’s hard to believe that amongst the thousands of turns this game has seen, two civilizations would die on one together, but here we are.

Gustavus Adolphus, the Lion of the North and for a time the dominant force in Europe, has seen his fair share of conflicts, dating back to some of the earliest eliminations in the CBR. Despite starting off ranked 59th of the starting 61 civilizations, Sweden gained a reputation for intelligent warring early on, taking down both Nazi Germany and Poland within the first 30 parts and gaining land on mainland Europe. From there they maintained a strong core, all the while winning extra wars that would bring about the downfalls of Sparta and Norway. Sweden fought its way to becoming one of the final three European powers, vying for control against Iceland and Finland. It was a war against the latter that would bring Sweden fame and power, destroying any chances Finland had of winning, as well as bringing Sweden to a new record of 5th place in the Power Rankings. Even when all hope seemed lost and the Carnival turned to the Lion of the North, he defended magnificently well, earning him an all-time high of 4th place in the part 114 power rankings. Despite a strong defense, sweden’s tiny core was no match for the Brazilian army, and they finally succumbed 8 parts into Total War.

  41. 37

    Miraculously, all three of the cities I pointed out earlier did not fall, in fact they look safer now than before, which is pretty crazy on Kuchum’s part.

I also wanted to talk more about what happened in the last two slides without making the all the text impossible to read on mobile so I’ll use the space that’s here instead. The previous part was called “The Race for 8th”, and yet, ironically, not a single civilization will be ranked 8th.

  42. 38

    No cities have swapped hands on this front either, further proof of Kuchum’s ability to get the grind on. Bamda does, however, looked prime to fall, and I suspect Kuchum’s string of success ends with the city that won him his war against Vietnam.

  43. 39

    Yet again Tiflis is safe, but there are two melee units within range of the Brazilian exclave, meaning that perhaps Sibir could finally take action.

  44. 40

    Yakutia, once the strongest nation on the cylinder, is now the location of arguably the least relevant front in the game. Despite relatively flat terrain and tons of planes bombarding city after city, it seems no one is willing to send an army into some of the most poorly-defended cities on either civ’s border.

  45. 41

    It took until the final turn of the part for Korea to lose a city, and its the 1-pop city of Sendai, which fell to Brazil. Hamhung is low on health but Korea’s lands seems mostly Brazil-free, Hamhung included.

  46. 42

    Brazil is mounting an all-out attack on what remains of the Inuit, conquering the Aleutian city of Ahkaiyikokakinik (have fun there Dawk

  47. 43

    Hoi An avoids the Carnival, but with Vijaya and Hanoi under Brazilian control, it is clear that Vietnam is on the verge of collapse.

Hanoi is an important city for a multitude of reasons. For one, this means that only Australia and Brazil remain in control of their original capitals, and second, Hanoi was the last capital in the world that had never once gone into enemy hands. Until now. Vietnam is left in a sorry situation, starting the part with 12 cities, they are now reduced to 7, with many sure to fall soon. Quite the fall from a civ that started total war with 66 cities. So now the question remains: Can anyone beat Vietnam in the race for 6th?

  48. 44

    And so another part ends, with a rather anticlimactic view of Honolulu. We see that the robot infantry that entered Honolulu’s waters not long ago did indeed fail his mission to conquer the Polynesian capital, but that should surprise no one. This has been /u/Borsthestylish, thanks for reading.

Okay well actually one last thing. I find it fascinating just how drastically Total War has changed my view of Korea. When Total War began, they had 17 cities. Iceland (48), Sweden (29), and the Buccs (23) all had more cities than Korea, yet they all found themselves dead well before. To add to that, Vietnam (66) now finds themselves at 7 cities, which is less than Korea. Finally, the Inuit began Total War with almost 1 million more soldiers and a whopping 76 cities, they now find themselves at only 16 cities (based on minimap), to Korea’s 10! Mad respect for the Turtle King.