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For, I believe, the first time in CBR history, two civilizations were eliminated at the exact same turn. It’s hard to believe that amongst the thousands of turns this game has seen, two civilizations would die on one together, but here we are.

Gustavus Adolphus, the Lion of the North and for a time the dominant force in Europe, has seen his fair share of conflicts, dating back to some of the earliest eliminations in the CBR. Despite starting off ranked 59th of the starting 61 civilizations, Sweden gained a reputation for intelligent warring early on, taking down both Nazi Germany and Poland within the first 30 parts and gaining land on mainland Europe. From there they maintained a strong core, all the while winning extra wars that would bring about the downfalls of Sparta and Norway. Sweden fought its way to becoming one of the final three European powers, vying for control against Iceland and Finland. It was a war against the latter that would bring Sweden fame and power, destroying any chances Finland had of winning, as well as bringing Sweden to a new record of 5th place in the Power Rankings. Even when all hope seemed lost and the Carnival turned to the Lion of the North, he defended magnificently well, earning him an all-time high of 4th place in the part 114 power rankings. Despite a strong defense, sweden’s tiny core was no match for the Brazilian army, and they finally succumbed 8 parts into Total War.