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And so another part ends, with a rather anticlimactic view of Honolulu. We see that the robot infantry that entered Honolulu’s waters not long ago did indeed fail his mission to conquer the Polynesian capital, but that should surprise no one. This has been /u/Borsthestylish, thanks for reading.

Okay well actually one last thing. I find it fascinating just how drastically Total War has changed my view of Korea. When Total War began, they had 17 cities. Iceland (48), Sweden (29), and the Buccs (23) all had more cities than Korea, yet they all found themselves dead well before. To add to that, Vietnam (66) now finds themselves at 7 cities, which is less than Korea. Finally, the Inuit began Total War with almost 1 million more soldiers and a whopping 76 cities, they now find themselves at only 16 cities (based on minimap), to Korea’s 10! Mad respect for the Turtle King.