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Good evening, good evening, good evening and welcome to the twelfth instalment of the /r/civ Battle Royale Mark II, the world’s most entertaining screenshot-based AI-controlled hexagonal warfare simulation! In the realms of reddit, I go by /u/senshidenshi on places, and I do mods sometimes and stuff! Today, I’m proud to present this segment to you all with my thrilling, occasionally sesquipedalian narration!

If you want more Battle Royale-related content and you haven’t already stumbled upon the reddit page, you can find all you’ll need at /r/civbattleroyale! The community there creates some excellent content to help you through to the next instalment! Also, I guarantee you, if I’ve missed anything like a city capture or something, they’ll be on it faster than an Inuit settler! See, that was a joke, because the Inuit have a lot of cities.